Warblers Cometh

Spring had a slow start in DC this year, so it was a welcome change when the first proper migrants started arriving. When I visited Hains Point in mid-April, the Myrtle Warblers were out and singing in the treetops, looking much smarter in their breeding plumage than they do in the fall. Spring is also when the mammals are more visible, and in this case it was a Red Fox lounging on the Hains Point golf course. 

Further down the road I ran into a Merlin devouring what looked like an invasive House Sparrow- not hard to figure out who to root for there! The Potomac at the end of the point held two new 5MR year birds in the form of Common Loon and Bonaparte's Gull, as well as a late Greater Scaup and Common Grackles.

The maintenance road at Hains Point is always fruitful, and this time it had a few Brown Thrashers, a welcome new year bird, as well as an immature Eastern Towhee and some very noisy Blue-grey Gnatcatchers.