Bali: Tourist Trap Birding

Following a successful finish to my summer working in Ethiopia, I had the month of August more or less off from work (although work matters always managed to sneak into my schedule some way or another). The initial plan was to spend the whole month in the Philippines, but since Nikki had just finished her degree in Australia and had a little time off before she had to start working again, we were able to set our sights a little further afield. We decided to take a quick vacation trip to Bali, which had been on Nikki's dream list for a long time. I, of course, was happy to be anywhere with new birds, which Indonesia definitely is. Our itinerary ended up being a five-day joint trip to Bali, after which I took a solo trip to Java to do some solo birding, while Nikki stayed in Bali to do some more relaxation. 
From Ethiopia, it was a short flight from Addis Ababa to Dubai, then a long-ish layover until my flight to Manila, which departed at the extremely unfortunate hour of 3 in the …